Thursday, 13 June 2024 - 09:23 pm
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Garage Door Opener Repair Portola Valley

Garage Door Opener Repair Portola Valley Can Help With Regular Maintenance Of Your Door

Regular garage door maintenance is something that almost anyone can do with very little experience. Garage doors are usually opened and closed several times a day in order for cars, bikes, and other things come and go throughout the day. A normal garage door can usually be opened and closed about 10,000 times in its lifetime before major repairs need to be done. With just a little education and a few tools, the average homeowner can inspect and maintain his own garage door several times a year.

Most Maintenance Is Fairly Easy

The most important part of maintaining your garage door is lubricating all of the moving parts with the recommended light oil from your owners manual. This would involve putting a tiny amount of oil on each hinge and then wiping the excess off with a rag. Then, the roller wheels and their tracks should also be lightly oiled as well making sure to wipe off the excess each time. Any other moving parts should also be lubricated according to the owners manual that came with your door.

The inspection part of your job is also fairly easy but is the most important part of your maintenance project. If you have a remote control that opens your door then there will be batteries to replace and the motor to inspect as well. If you aren’t fairly experienced, you should call garage door repair Portola Valley to handle the job for you and make sure it’s done right. Then while the technicians are there, they should inspect the spring and make sure the tension is correct and there are no problems in the foreseeable future.

Taking care of and maintaining your garage door is fairly easy once you learn the basics. And then, every few years you’ll want to call garage door opener repair PortolaValley to do a professional tune up job on the automatic door opener, the spring, and give the door a complete professional inspection as well.